Kusatsu Dehumidifier CD-1516 ( KHK )

Dehumid Effectively & Enhances Indoor Hygiene

Indoor Humid Environment Relates to Our Health!

Hong Kong has a high relative humidity thoughout the year, making the walls & clothes covered with mod, which let people uncomfortable & causes allergy to our body, such as asthma, common cold, rheumatism or skin related medical issues. Dust, mold & bacteria are also easily appeared in places with relative humidity of 70% or higher. Spring or humid seasons or humid environments will also easily attracts mosquito, flies or transmitted disease.

Kusatsu Dehumidifier CD-1516 has powerful dehumidifying ability with double filter design, which has the ability in anti-bacteria, prevents from mold & deodorant and virus inhibition. By controlling the humidity & purifying indoor air condition, let you and your family to have a healthy & confortable living environment.

Compressor is the most important part of the dehumidifier, as well as related to noise level, performance and life span of the machine. Due to the extremely humid weather condition in Hong Kong, the quality of compressor is of utmost importance. Kusatsu dehumidifier together with duo rotation compressor, requires greater precision in terms of design and production process compared to traditional single rotation compressor. The new design has higher stability and reliability, leading to its better performance.

Duo rotation compressor design greatly reduces the swinging angle and distance of the core while it is rotating, which effectively reduces the friction and damage done on the core, resulting in 90% lesser in vibration. This reduce the noise level and extend durability and enhances living quality.

Duo rotation compressor design effectively reduces friction and vibration of the core, lowering power consumption while maintaining a high dehumidifying performance
Daily dehumidify amount : 15 L (Temperature as 26.7℃ and relative humidity as 60%) #1 Power consumption only 250W
Daily dehumidify amount : 25 L (Temperature as 30℃ and relative humidity as 80%) #2 Power consumption only 295W
#1 Energy Label Standard #2 Factory Standards

By comparing Duo rotation compressor to traditional single rotation compressor, it is smaller in size and lighter, letting the dehumidifier to have a slimmer design. The machine only weights 12.8kg with dimension of 365cm(W) X 570cm(H) X 202cm(D), occupying lesser space. The machine comes with a hidden handle and 4 wheels, easy to move around or storage.

Double filter design, double filtering with anti-bacteria, preventing mold, deodorant and inhibit virus, making it more clean and hygiene.

  • Dust filter~ Anti bacteria, preventing mold*3
  • Dust filter is able to inhibit >99% black aspergillus, Penicillium citrinum and Staphylococcus aureus
  • Ceramic fiber filter, Usable for 10 years without replacement
  • Effectively inhibit *4 remove bacteria*5 deodorant*6
  • 99.9% inhibit Influenza A virus, >99% inhibit Escherichia coli & Staphylococcus aureus
  • Effectively remove smell of cigarette or pet

*3 certification authority ボーケン品質評価機構, anti-bacteria test, testing number 12021853-1 , testing result : inhibit >99%.
*4 certification authority : 日本食品分析センター , testing report number : 09006877001-01 , testing result : inhibit 99% .
*5 certification authority : ボーケン品質評価機構 , testing method : JIS Z 2801, testing report number : 026255-1 , 026255-2 , 030578 , 026255-4 testing result : inhibit >99%.
*6 certification authority : 曰本電機工業会規格 , testing method : 10 year Deodorant effectiveness testing , testing result : Deodorant effectiveness >50% after 10 years.

3-dimensional multi-angle air supply for your choice. Strength of air supply synergizes with dehumidification and cloth drying function, greatly enhances dehumidifying performance.
(Wide angle air supply: Vertical 135 degrees, horizontal 100 degrees wide angle air supply. You may choose air supply to concentrate upwards or backwards.)
Kusatsu use DC motor, which is more durable, power saving and quiet compared to traditional AC motor.

Smart detection for the changes of the temperature & humidity inside the room. It will auto-stop when clothes were dried off, which saves a lot of energy.

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